Raid 101 – Always be prepared

I’ve been raiding endgame and near-endgame for over 2 1/2 years now and I’ve developed certain habits.  I like to be prepared so that I can be ready to step into any situation at the drop of a hat.  This means having certain things in my bags at all times, regardless of what I’m doing.  I’ve found that being a reliable raider sets a good example and helps break bad habits of those annoying bastards who always show up late and unstocked.

It’s a fairly simple process to go through.  After each raid, I go through a routine that results in me being ready for the next one.  Right after arriving back in <insert city of choice, currently Shattrath>, I repair and restock to 300 Symbols of Kings and 5 Symbols of Divinity.  The Kings number might be a tad high, but it is a leftover from the days of 40-mans and 15-minute buffs where you could actually go through all 300 in an evening.  Rarely do I use more than 100 in a night these days and that’s usually a wipe-fest learning encounter.

I also hit my bank and stock up on Super Mana Potions (usually try to have 40 on me) and Super Health Potions (usually 10).  Yes, yes I’m a healer but that Oh Shit heal I need when trying to keep the main tank alive can save a raid.

Other core raiding mats I carry at all times include 20 Blackened Sporefish, 20 Elixir of Healing Power and 20 Mageblood Potion.

This whole process takes mere minutes and it ensures that I am always ready to go for the next raid.  Consider doing this yourself and you, too, will always be gtg.

The reason I post this is that I absolutely cannot stand the insensitive buggers that arrive late and unstocked.  It holds up 24 other people and is easily avoided.  I never, ever ask for a summons to a zone line unless I’m pinch-hitting partway through a run.  I never say oops, gotta go back and get crap out of my bank.  Even if I am filling in, with the above part of my routine I’m always ready instantly.


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