Looking forward to more than 2 buttons

Healing in TBC and vanilla WoW for pallies was a one-button affair with the occasional big heal thrown in for good measure.  It was static, stand-in-place-and-spam-Flash-of-Light-on-the-tank.  It was boring as hell.

In the expansion, we’re getting a couple of new items thrown into the mix.  Holy Shock is going to a 6 second cooldown and if talented properly, 2 crits can proc an instant Holy Light.  If the mana cost is manageable, it will be nice to throw into the roation if you have to move.

Beacon of Light looks even more interesting.  An AoE heal :)  I’ve been playing with it on the beta a little and it makes for some new fun and great utility.  It will be interesting to see how it works in situations with which I am familiar when 3.0.2 hits.  Maybe I can finally heal the 3rd Boss in heroic Shadow Labs.  Haven’t tried in a long time because the fight is so damn mobile.

Looking forward to using more than 2 buttons :)


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