Summoning stones are for losers

This is a quick one.  If you know there is going to be a raid at a given time, you should be present at the zone line at the appointed invite time.  If for some reason you cannot be, the second you receive your invite, you should be on a bird, stocked and ready, heading for the instance.

Any failure to adhere to the above makes you a selfish bastard not thinking of the 24 other people in the raid.  Yes, yes, I now, life happens and in all that I do in WoW, I allow for RL and that’s OK.  It happens to everyone.  But for someone to ask for a summons after being in the raid for 20 minutes since the invite time because they’ve been sitting on their ass in Shatt or running another AV rather than getting on a bird is beyond me.

Be a decent individual and be on time and in place and you’ll make everyone’s life a little easier.  Summoning stones are for losers.


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