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Black Temple

Posted in General on October 24, 2008 by rocklawthepally

So last night we went into Black Temple with a noticeably undergeared crew to check out the new talents and nerfed bosses.  This wasn’t our usual raid crew, many of whom have retired or taken an extended break.  Had it been our normal progression team, we would have pwned face.  As it was, we one-shot Naj’entus and then had trouble on Supremus.

From a healing perspective, it was difficult to tell what was going on.  As a tank healer, Beacon of Light seems fairly useless in 25-man unless it’s a multi-tank fight.  If it would heal others like an AoE heal, it would at least be slightly useful so I could help heal the melee while keeping the tank up.  I don’t know – guess I’ll have to play with it some more.


3.0.2 Goodness

Posted in General on October 16, 2008 by rocklawthepally

So there I was, the day after the patch went live (Tuesday was gawdawful on Malfurion – totally unplayable), successfully ported to Ironforge and standing in front of the trainer, allocating my talent points.  I was excited to see how it played out. I went 56/5/0 for Kings, and stayed away from the PvP talents in Holy.

Fresh from allocating my points and learning some new spells, I headed out to do some dailies.  Blade’s Edge, Hellfire then off to the Isle.  It went surprisingly well.  I strapped on all ret gear (some T4 and T5), my spell damage rings/trinkets and grabbed my Hammer of the Naaru and waded into battle.

Stuff died surprisingly quickly.  I got nailed by two fast respawned elites up by Kazzak when I was low after fighting about 5 70 mobs and my bubble was on cooldown – first death in a very long time.  The survivability feels very strong.  I went with Wisdom most of the time as my seal and its accompanying judgment.  Mana was not really an issue very much.  Taking on multiple mobs with a more frequent nuke in Holy Shock makes killing an efficient affair. I’ll re-do dailies today with my spell damage gear and a sword and board (I have Hammer of Judgement and the shield from Nightbane) to see of the spell damage route is any better than a 2-hander with ret gear.

All in all, I’ll give it a thumbs up.  Feels better than when I first hit the beta.

Some good news

Posted in General with tags , on October 8, 2008 by rocklawthepally

Quoting Ghostcrawler:

Righteous Defense — cooldown lowered to 8 sec. It had been 10 sec recently and is 15 sec on live.

Infusion of Light — now affects Flash of Light or Holy Light. Flash of Light is reduced to 0 cast time with 2 ranks, meaning that if you’re running around and get a Holy Shock crit, you can also Flash without stopping.

Judgements of the Pure — haste benefit now up to 15% with 5 ranks (was 10%).

Enlightened Judgements — range benefit is now 30 yards with 2 ranks (was 20). This means you can judge or heal from the same range without having to run around so much.

Bacon of Light — no change here, but I can never miss an opportunity to call it Bacon.

I particularly like the Infusion of Light improvements.  I was on beta the other day playing with the HL version and it was OK, but being given some more instants for mobility is great.

Still waiting on pass 2

Posted in General on October 1, 2008 by rocklawthepally

Divine Plea got a stupid nerf in the latest patch – 100% nerf to healing.  Might as well take a nap.  Ghostcrawler has stated that the nerf to healing is being reduced to 20%, tho, so that’s at least something.  We’re still waiting on something to allow some mobility in healing and Ghostcrawler states that’s being looked at.  So it seems the Holy Paladin class will be the last to get a full second pass.

I’m hoping Blizzard is taking so long because they’re really looking at the whole spec from top to bottom.  <crosses fingers>