3.0.2 Goodness

So there I was, the day after the patch went live (Tuesday was gawdawful on Malfurion – totally unplayable), successfully ported to Ironforge and standing in front of the trainer, allocating my talent points.  I was excited to see how it played out. I went 56/5/0 for Kings, and stayed away from the PvP talents in Holy.

Fresh from allocating my points and learning some new spells, I headed out to do some dailies.  Blade’s Edge, Hellfire then off to the Isle.  It went surprisingly well.  I strapped on all ret gear (some T4 and T5), my spell damage rings/trinkets and grabbed my Hammer of the Naaru and waded into battle.

Stuff died surprisingly quickly.  I got nailed by two fast respawned elites up by Kazzak when I was low after fighting about 5 70 mobs and my bubble was on cooldown – first death in a very long time.  The survivability feels very strong.  I went with Wisdom most of the time as my seal and its accompanying judgment.  Mana was not really an issue very much.  Taking on multiple mobs with a more frequent nuke in Holy Shock makes killing an efficient affair. I’ll re-do dailies today with my spell damage gear and a sword and board (I have Hammer of Judgement and the shield from Nightbane) to see of the spell damage route is any better than a 2-hander with ret gear.

All in all, I’ll give it a thumbs up.  Feels better than when I first hit the beta.


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