Day 3 – Judgements suck. Healing’s fun.

So the nerf to Ret hit us hard.  Pretty much our only soloing damage spell is Holy Shock.  Judgments are fairly useless.  I’m fully Holy at level 74 (but for Kings – why is this 5 points, Blizzard?) and the only way I can do decent damage is with Holy Shock.  Judgments hit for less than 1k – a good deal less, actually.

Here’s my typical rotation on non-demon/undead mobs:

Fire up Seal if Wisdom, hit Holy Shock, Judge Light, consecrate, hit Divine Favor (for a guaranteed crit next time), rinse and repeat as cooldowns are ready.  With demons/undead, I add Exorcism/Holy Wrath when they are avail.

It just doesn’t seem strong.  Esp the undead/demon stuff.

My crits in roughly 1200 spellpower gear from Holy Shock are 2400-2500 ish.  HS is the bulk of my damage.

All that said, healing’s a good deal more fun.  I ran the Nexus yesterday and was really worried about the mobile nature of the final Boss fight. I lost one player, but not due to my lack of being able to heal, but due to the knockback.  HS as a healing mech, esp if it crits, is awesome.  I find myself using HS in my regular rotation on off targets a lot.  Think I will be stacking crit :)


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