3.0.4 Looks Like Some Love

So our old nemesis Ghostcrawler dropped by the damage dealing forum and dropped this little tidbit on the holy/prot pally community:

  • Judgements of the Pure: This Holy talent now increases the damage done by Seals and Judgements in addition to its current effects.
  • Hand of Judgement – All paladins receive a single-target, 30 yard taunt on an 8 sec cooldown. This spell also does minor Holy damage in order to break CC and the like for pulling ease.

So, not only are we getting some buffage to Seals/Judgments but we are getting a little extra damage spell to mix into our rotations.  Yay for holy solo pve content.

My current rotation looks something like this while soloing: Hit Seal of Wisdom (and refresh it after every 2 minute duration is over), hit Holy Shock, Judge Light, hit the new Shield of Righteousness, then back to Holy Shock, rinse and repeat until the mob is dead.  Depending on the situation, I toss in Consecrate as well.  I always hit Divine Favor when it’s up.  Below 20%, I hit Hammer of Wrath (usually only once before the mob is dead).

Now I can grind on 3 or 4 mobs my own level at a time with this method.  It’s not fast but it does work.  My mage 2-3 shots everything he encounters (fire spec for awesomeness but will likely change to frost or arcane once I start leveling him).  It’s sooo much faster to kill stuff as a mage that I really feel the pain while doing solo pve content on my pally.  Having a bump to one of my baseline abilities like Seals/Judgments is really appealing.  Right now, they feel completely useless from a damage perspective.  They work fine for keeping health and mana up but they’re a waste of time for killing things.

I’ll hop on the PTR when it comes up and see how this works out.  I’m pretty excited about this.


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