On to Icecrown

So I finished off Storm Peaks last night (but for one group quest) and am into Icecrown now.  Having a blast with all the questing.  Granted, I’m using Quest Helper and am flying through the content.  I will likely move more slowly on my mage when it comes time to level.  Well, killing will be faster, but I may take my time and actually read the quests.

From a gameplay standpoint, Lich King has been really well designed.  Each zone has its own unique feel and its own pacing.  You get the feeling that each area has its own set of enemies/factions besieging it and that you’re dealing with separate parts of a larger battle.  It’s tied together with a far better sense of an overall story arc than BC was.

Fighting mobs in the highest level zone has not been particularly difficult.  With gear upgrades via instances/quests, I’m not finding myself getting bashed around too badly.  Killing is, as I have said before, slow, but I’m holding my own.  Hopefully 3.0.4 will give me some extra damage – just in time to not benefit my questing lol.

Anyway, looking forward to finishing the final quest zone and getting on with levelling skills/factions.


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