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Well read squirrels

Posted in General on December 30, 2008 by rocklawthepally

Got the critter and reading achievements done tonight :)


Sarathion for the Holidays!

Posted in General on December 29, 2008 by rocklawthepally

We downed Sartharion the other day, so that was fun.  Pretty straightforward encounter, just gotta move.

The holidays have slowed down our raiding a bit, so I’ve been working on my mage and on achievements.  I’m two steps from the “Salty” title.  Unfortunately, it involves winning the Stranglethorn Vale fishing tournament and also getting the Mr. Pinchy pet.  Yeah, I know.  However, I’ve been doing fishing dailies lately for the fishing line for my epic fishing pole so I stop by Skettis and fish up whatever crawdad pools are on offer.

Also, I need the Stormchops recipie from the Rokk in Lower City (don’t know why I never got it before), I need to complete the 4 cooking dailies he offers (I stopped doing cooking dailies ages ago) and I have to present the Great Feast in 5 battlegrounds (ugh – pvp).  Once that is done, I will have the “Chef” title.

The mage is 72 and I’m just finished Borean Tundra and off to Howling Fjord.  Working on full rested XP as much as possible.  What all this boils down to is that I’m fully settled into my endgame mode again.  Yes, I still have rep to work on (Argent Crusade atm), but thankfully when the patch hits, I will be exalted with the Sons of Hodir via relic turn-ins.  Wyrmcrest is done as well.  For the pally, pve is long since done and there’s only the raiding and achievements left to worry about.  Even Merrymaker is done :)

3 Wings Clear

Posted in General on December 22, 2008 by rocklawthepally

So we were a little undecided last night on what to do – try our hand at Gothik again or go after Sarathion. We settled on Gothik. We split into 4 on the live side and 6 on the undead side. After one wipe, we all moved into the corner near the door that opens after Gothik’s death. And that was that. We were able to keep the trainees far enough away from the ranged/healers that their AoE didn’t bother us all that much. Before we knew it, Gothik lay dead at our feet.

So that brought us to the 4 Horsemen. Having heard so much about this fight back in old school Naxx, I was a little intimidated. We all tabbed out to watch the video at (a sight whose videos I highly recommend) and we set to work. It took a couple of variants to deal with some lag issues (I ended up healing the raid as one of our shammies was getting lag spikes from being so close to all that spell action), but after about 6 tries, we had succeeded! Wow! What a fun encounter :) I can only imagine how epic it was back in the day with 8 tanks.

Grobbulus, you’re on notice, my friend.

Loatheb and Archavon

Posted in Raiding on December 18, 2008 by rocklawthepally

Two new bosses this week and another Quarter cleared.  Spanky new shoulders, too.

We figured out the trick to Loatheb.  Clump up on the spore and start the Holy Light with a couple of seconds left on the Necrotic Aura.  I run with 2 resto shammies and they start their chain heals early, too.  With the Glyph of Holy Light, I automatically heal everyone within 10 yards of my target (which means the MT, the OT and the melee) for 10 % of the Holy Light’s amount.  For free!  And with Bacon on the OT, the tanks stay topped off.  Who says a pally canot AoE heal?  Beautiful!

And Archavon is a joke.  We 1-shot him the first time most of us had seen him.  Standard tank and spank.  Just move out of the obligatory “bad stuff” and you’re good to go.

I survived the Heigan encounter this week, which means that for me at least, the safety dance has been learned.  This is not to say that I did not suffer a few hits from the debuff, but as most of the strats out there say, every man for himself on phase 2 of that encounter.  I just targetted myself and hit holy shock as needed.  Getting close to 10k crits on holy shock nowadays.  Very tasty indeed.

2 more days until my fishing pole :)

Patchwerk deaded

Posted in General on December 15, 2008 by rocklawthepally

The title says it all. Straight up tank n’ spank. Worked on Loatheb but that’s a bit of a dps check. Put time in on Grobbulus as well. Progress, with 2 new bosses this week.

Naxx loots!

Posted in General on December 10, 2008 by rocklawthepally

So we downed all of the bosses we did last week again and also downed Heigan.  I gots me some new lewts, namely the Aegis of Damnation and  Plated Gloves of Relief.  I also bought the Libram of Renewal with my 1st 15 emblems.

Making progress in Naxx -heading back in tonight to take on Patchwerk :)

The Heigan Dance

Posted in General on December 8, 2008 by rocklawthepally

So we would have had Maexxna down a lot sooner if we had had a proper HoT.  Eventually, we had our DK tank gear up some more and our boomkin popped out at 30% to put HoTs up and down the spider beeyotch went.  Spider wing cleared.

Razuvius and Noth are dead, too.  Our newest best friend is Heigan :)  Learning the Heigan Safety Dance has us all recalling how we all learned the Shade of Aran.  We’ll get it, we’ll just have to wipe a lot.

Doing my dailies and running heroics more.  Cleared Heroic Halls of Stone the other day.  Got my second purple and 3rd level 200 item.

Maxed alchemy and am 424 cooking.  Why, Blizzard, why?  Why did you make cooking sooooooo hard to level?  Why does everything turn green within 5 skillups of learning it?  Assholes.  Total assholes.  It’s frikkin’ cooking!  It should NOT be my last profession to 450!

Anyway, moving along.  Solo dps working nicely – can’t wait for 3.0.4 and bumped judgment damage.  Dailies are smooth and with only one group quest left, I’m not concerned about solo pve dps as much as I was.  I have enough to get my dailies done and that’s fine by me.