The Heigan Dance

So we would have had Maexxna down a lot sooner if we had had a proper HoT.  Eventually, we had our DK tank gear up some more and our boomkin popped out at 30% to put HoTs up and down the spider beeyotch went.  Spider wing cleared.

Razuvius and Noth are dead, too.  Our newest best friend is Heigan :)  Learning the Heigan Safety Dance has us all recalling how we all learned the Shade of Aran.  We’ll get it, we’ll just have to wipe a lot.

Doing my dailies and running heroics more.  Cleared Heroic Halls of Stone the other day.  Got my second purple and 3rd level 200 item.

Maxed alchemy and am 424 cooking.  Why, Blizzard, why?  Why did you make cooking sooooooo hard to level?  Why does everything turn green within 5 skillups of learning it?  Assholes.  Total assholes.  It’s frikkin’ cooking!  It should NOT be my last profession to 450!

Anyway, moving along.  Solo dps working nicely – can’t wait for 3.0.4 and bumped judgment damage.  Dailies are smooth and with only one group quest left, I’m not concerned about solo pve dps as much as I was.  I have enough to get my dailies done and that’s fine by me.


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