Loatheb and Archavon

Two new bosses this week and another Quarter cleared.  Spanky new shoulders, too.

We figured out the trick to Loatheb.  Clump up on the spore and start the Holy Light with a couple of seconds left on the Necrotic Aura.  I run with 2 resto shammies and they start their chain heals early, too.  With the Glyph of Holy Light, I automatically heal everyone within 10 yards of my target (which means the MT, the OT and the melee) for 10 % of the Holy Light’s amount.  For free!  And with Bacon on the OT, the tanks stay topped off.  Who says a pally canot AoE heal?  Beautiful!

And Archavon is a joke.  We 1-shot him the first time most of us had seen him.  Standard tank and spank.  Just move out of the obligatory “bad stuff” and you’re good to go.

I survived the Heigan encounter this week, which means that for me at least, the safety dance has been learned.  This is not to say that I did not suffer a few hits from the debuff, but as most of the strats out there say, every man for himself on phase 2 of that encounter.  I just targetted myself and hit holy shock as needed.  Getting close to 10k crits on holy shock nowadays.  Very tasty indeed.

2 more days until my fishing pole :)


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