3 Wings Clear

So we were a little undecided last night on what to do – try our hand at Gothik again or go after Sarathion. We settled on Gothik. We split into 4 on the live side and 6 on the undead side. After one wipe, we all moved into the corner near the door that opens after Gothik’s death. And that was that. We were able to keep the trainees far enough away from the ranged/healers that their AoE didn’t bother us all that much. Before we knew it, Gothik lay dead at our feet.

So that brought us to the 4 Horsemen. Having heard so much about this fight back in old school Naxx, I was a little intimidated. We all tabbed out to watch the video at Tankspot.com (a sight whose videos I highly recommend) and we set to work. It took a couple of variants to deal with some lag issues (I ended up healing the raid as one of our shammies was getting lag spikes from being so close to all that spell action), but after about 6 tries, we had succeeded! Wow! What a fun encounter :) I can only imagine how epic it was back in the day with 8 tanks.

Grobbulus, you’re on notice, my friend.

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