Sarathion for the Holidays!

We downed Sartharion the other day, so that was fun.  Pretty straightforward encounter, just gotta move.

The holidays have slowed down our raiding a bit, so I’ve been working on my mage and on achievements.  I’m two steps from the “Salty” title.  Unfortunately, it involves winning the Stranglethorn Vale fishing tournament and also getting the Mr. Pinchy pet.  Yeah, I know.  However, I’ve been doing fishing dailies lately for the fishing line for my epic fishing pole so I stop by Skettis and fish up whatever crawdad pools are on offer.

Also, I need the Stormchops recipie from the Rokk in Lower City (don’t know why I never got it before), I need to complete the 4 cooking dailies he offers (I stopped doing cooking dailies ages ago) and I have to present the Great Feast in 5 battlegrounds (ugh – pvp).  Once that is done, I will have the “Chef” title.

The mage is 72 and I’m just finished Borean Tundra and off to Howling Fjord.  Working on full rested XP as much as possible.  What all this boils down to is that I’m fully settled into my endgame mode again.  Yes, I still have rep to work on (Argent Crusade atm), but thankfully when the patch hits, I will be exalted with the Sons of Hodir via relic turn-ins.  Wyrmcrest is done as well.  For the pally, pve is long since done and there’s only the raiding and achievements left to worry about.  Even Merrymaker is done :)


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