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Naxx cleared! 5/5 Tier 7!

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Well, we finally did it. Last night, our raid group finally cleared Naxxramas with a one-shot of Kel’Thuzad. I became the first member of our guild to get full 5/5 of Tier 7 when the helm dropped. Our warlock had already received a nice new helm earlier in the evening and our pally tank is an engineer whose goggles are actually better than the T7 helm, so the helm went to me by default. I like it when things like that work out :)

We then went to take a peek at Malygos – that’s gonna be tricky with 2 resto shammies and a holy paly as our healing core.

On another note, we 2-man healed the spider wing and Razuvius earlier in the week – also awesome.

Maximum 3 days to the Chef title.  Only Northrend instance Elders left to visit.  Mage to 77 – flight restored.


3.0.8? Dung heap. UBRS? Check.

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So Blizzard dropped a half-cooked patch on us. Fortunately, it does not affect me too greatly, although the promised buff to our judgment damage is pretty much non-existent from the testing I’ve done. As for the whole arena and Wintergrasp problems, I could care less, except for the fact that the removal of Wintergrasp means our raid group cannot do the Vault of Archavon raid at the moment.

On a more positive note, last evening our friend Thaddius dropped my pants :)  That sounds a little dirty, but it was all on the up-and-up, I swear!  With 5 more emblems, I will be able to purchase my gloves for the 4-piece set bonus since that silly dragon in Obsidian Sanctum simply refuses to oblige.

With the removal of the limitations that made certain old-world dungeons non-soloable, last evening I strolled into UBRS and pwned the place.  What used to be a very serious, 2-3 hour dungeon has been rendered into a trivial piece of cake that took about 30 minutes.  I died once to Rend due to a disconnect, and General Drakkisath’s conflageration is still something that needs respect, but it was, overall, a total cake walk.

Familiar Recipies

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So I finally got my Kirin Tor familiar by completing the Higher Learning achievement.  Man, what a time sink that thing was.  Fortunately, our realm has a chat channel called /bookclub for those in Dalaran seeking book spawns.  We’d say “dud book unstairs lounge” or “good book downstairs citadel” and that was really helpful.

Need 3 more recipies for the Hail to the Chef achievement, one of which requires 5 Dalaran daily cooking rewards.  Chef Rocklaw is on the way – sometime next week.

Grobbulus is a PITA

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So we spent nearly 8 hours over the past raid lockout period working on Grobbulus. For whatever reason. he just has my raid group’s number. We finally got him down last night and look forward to our first complete clear of Naxxramas this week.

The Grobbulus fight is a pain for a number of reasons. The start is quite easy, but as the poison clouds and adds start to stack up, it gets to be a little chaotic. It reminds me of the Shade of Aran fight. You simply have to beat your head against it over and over until you figure out what works.

Kel’Thuzad, you’re on notice. You, too, Malygos.

Hail to the Chef – coming soon!

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Yesterday, the Stormchops recipe finally dropped from the Shattrath daily cooking quest.  That meant I was able to get the Outland Gourmet achievement completed, leaving me with only the Northrend Gourmet and the Dinner Impossible achievements left for the Hail to the Chef achievement and the Chef title. I have 5 Great Feasts in my bag so I can get Dinner Impossible done whenever I like (I don’t pvp, so going into battlegrounds does not fill me with excitement).  However, I will have to wait for the patch and a few more Dalaran Cooking Awards to learn a few more recipes for the final event to be complete.

Update on Higher Learning – 6/8.

Higher Learning

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Up to 5/8 on Higher Learning! Man, this thing is a royal pain in the a$$ in terms of a time sink. Fortunately, the linked article at WoWWiki shows where all the spawn points are. I’ve got the main floor of the Violet Citadel, the Threads of Fate store and upstairs at the Legerdemain still to go.

Sapphiron falls

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Sapphiron taken out. Kel’Thuzad down to 35%. Oh, we gotta insta-heal the ice block target on K’T? We’ll get it next time.