Mr. Pinchy comes through

I’m now one achievement away from the Salty title after having got my Mr. Pinchy pet yesterday! This is my third catch of a Mr. Pinchy, but only the first time he gave me the wish that grants the Magical Crawdad Box. The Mr. Pinchy item is a roughly 1 in 500 catch in the Highland Mixed Schools in the elevated lakes in Terokkar Forest. Needless to say, that takes some dedication since the pools are on about a one-hour respawn and there are only about 15 of them total. Level 80 makes things considerably easier, however.

Also, I got Old Crafty from Ogrimmar yesterday on my mage while doing the Wrath Gate quest that takes you to speak with Thrall. Zero-aggro guards and no player characters lets you have Ogrimmar to yourself. Only about 125 catches to get it, too!

As for cooking, all I need is the Stormchops recipe (ugh – 2% drop rate from the Rokk’s daily cooking quest in Shatt) and then I need to present 5 Great Feasts in each of the 5 BGs. Then I’ll be Chef Rocklaw!

Achievement-whore much? Hey, it’s fun and I’m a bit of a completist for some of these things.

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