Construct Quarter Cleared

So last night, we went into the Construct Quarter and one-shotted Grobbulus, who had been giving us so much trouble. That always seems to be the way of these things – beat your head on a boss for a while, then come back fresh and kick his ass :)

It’s an annoying fight – I’m the guy tasked with healing those with the debuff after they blow up which can be a pain, since folks are always on the move and I have to find them, stay far enough away so as not to get hit, but close enough to top them off.

Next was Gluth. The bastard dropped the same dagger that Anub’Rekan has dropped about 12 times already. BTW, Gluth was a one-shot :) Other than for the hunter kiting the adds, it was a very easy fight.

Finally, we met Thaddius. We had some difficulty with some of the raid members not knowing where positive and negative were meant to stand. It was dps that were dying in the first few attempts, so we did not meet the enrage timer. Once the whole +/- thing was worked out, we knocked him off as well.

On a different note, on Saturday, we went and offed Lady Vashj and Kael’Thas in two one-shots. I’d dropped the Vials quest and had to pick it back up from the quest giver in Tanaris. Because I had dropped it, I did not get the Hand of A’dal title, whereas those who had kept it did get the title. Got one of the Scale of the Sands rep rings, which was badass back in the day, but is now well behind the times in terms of stats.

So Sapphirron and Kel’Thuzad are on notice and that leaves only Malygos to kill afterwards. 25-mans are being discussed (I pugged 25-man Obsidian Sanctum on Saturday evening – even easier than 10-man once your tank stops being an idiot).

Also, working on the Higher Learning achievement – 3/8 thus far, but have finally figured out how it’s supposed to go and have worked out a rotation of visitation to the spawn points that will prevent me from missing a book spawn.

Missed the STV fishing tourney by a few minutes, but I think I can get it. All I need to get my Salty title with the Accomplished Angler achievement.

Busy, busy. Lots keeping me occupied.


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