What’s changed for a raiding holy paladin?

I was editing a page over at Blessing of Kings’ new Raiding 101 site and I received an e-mail that challenged my assertion that Flash of Light is still the Holy Pally’s bread and butter spell. It was asserted by the author of the e-mail that Holy Light was preferred by Elitist Jerks these days.

Now, I don’t know if the folks at Elitist Jerks are raiding in some other game, or if the 25-mans are significantly different from the 10-man content I’ve seen, but Flash of Light is still my main goto spell for healing. Do I use Holy Light? Of course. Do I use it more often than I did pre-Wrath? No. The addition of the 6-second cooldown to Holy Shock allows me more flexibility in my choice of spells to cast, but it does not change the fact that 90% of the time, I am casting FoL.

Anyone out there doing anything different?  Am I retarded? And yes, I did buy the Libram of Renewal – in fact, it was my first purchase with emblems.


One Response to “What’s changed for a raiding holy paladin?”

  1. Try being more aggressive with Holy Light. It’s actually surprising how long you can stretch your mana.

    I was like you pre-Wrath. I used FoL all the time, and HL rarely. In Wrath, I’ve been using HL much more aggressively, following the EJ-style, and it’s been really effective.

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