3.0.8? Dung heap. UBRS? Check.

So Blizzard dropped a half-cooked patch on us. Fortunately, it does not affect me too greatly, although the promised buff to our judgment damage is pretty much non-existent from the testing I’ve done. As for the whole arena and Wintergrasp problems, I could care less, except for the fact that the removal of Wintergrasp means our raid group cannot do the Vault of Archavon raid at the moment.

On a more positive note, last evening our friend Thaddius dropped my pants :)  That sounds a little dirty, but it was all on the up-and-up, I swear!  With 5 more emblems, I will be able to purchase my gloves for the 4-piece set bonus since that silly dragon in Obsidian Sanctum simply refuses to oblige.

With the removal of the limitations that made certain old-world dungeons non-soloable, last evening I strolled into UBRS and pwned the place.  What used to be a very serious, 2-3 hour dungeon has been rendered into a trivial piece of cake that took about 30 minutes.  I died once to Rend due to a disconnect, and General Drakkisath’s conflageration is still something that needs respect, but it was, overall, a total cake walk.


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