Naxx cleared! 5/5 Tier 7!

Well, we finally did it. Last night, our raid group finally cleared Naxxramas with a one-shot of Kel’Thuzad. I became the first member of our guild to get full 5/5 of Tier 7 when the helm dropped. Our warlock had already received a nice new helm earlier in the evening and our pally tank is an engineer whose goggles are actually better than the T7 helm, so the helm went to me by default. I like it when things like that work out :)

We then went to take a peek at Malygos – that’s gonna be tricky with 2 resto shammies and a holy paly as our healing core.

On another note, we 2-man healed the spider wing and Razuvius earlier in the week – also awesome.

Maximum 3 days to the Chef title.  Only Northrend instance Elders left to visit.  Mage to 77 – flight restored.


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