Naxx on farm?

3.0.9 enters and we not only attempted but actually completed our first one-night clear of Naxxramas 10-man.  The Divine Plea nerf was certainly an issue, something I had to think carefully about when to use, but it was not a game changer.  Having a 30-minute Seal of Wisdom, combined with the 5% reduction of mana use with the Glyph of Seal of Wisdom, made a difference, to be sure.  I also had to pop Lay on Hands a couple more times to get through some of the longer fights, but I don’t think I’m at the point where I need to start swapping in MP5 gear over crit.

If we had not had an unfortunate inadvertent pull on Razuvious, we would have done the Undying achievement.  As it is we did Sapph without frost resist gear for The Hundred Club achievement.

Next up, Malygos.  Our raid makeup is gonna make this particularly hard since we have no HoTs (2 resto shammies and me).  The good news is that we have the rest of the week to work on him :)


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