Elder Rocklaw!

So last night, our Malygos attempts fell apart due to a late start and a DC’d druid. Power outages ftl!

With the downtime, I would normally have worked on the new world event, but I had a couple of elders left to tag before the Lunar Festival ended so I grabbed some guildies and ran Halls of Stone on heroic (what a pita that gauntlet event is). The rogue in the group thought it was the last heroic he needed for the Champion of the Frozen Wastes title (seeing as how we are working on Malygos). Turns out he needs Halls of Lightning, so I forced him to come with me to do the Nexus elder on normal to cover off my repair bill from HoS :)

One of these days, I need to complete the heroics. It’s not as if being in 5/5 T7 means I’m not geared for it. It’s just that some of them are really difficult for a pally to deal with.


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