Thinking of Litigation

So I think I’ll file suit against Blizzard’s random number generator (RNG). I was unable to complete the Fool for Love meta achievement due to the infamous Bag of Candies. Not only does it spawn based on the RNG, but getting all of the required candies also requires the RNG to be on your side.

I logged in dutifully hour after hour, only to be confronted with the Adored gift without a Bag of Candies. After over 30 attempts, I only got 2 Bag of Candies, and wound up at the end of the event missing just one of the candies required for the achievement. Nothing I could have done would have made any difference. I did everything required of me, and yet the double whammy RNG aspect of the achievement bit me in the backside.

Blizzard, this sucks, full stop. It’s not like it was a PVP situation where I just didn’t want to do it. It’s not like it was a skill check. This was just dumb random luck. And it pisses me off.


One Response to “Thinking of Litigation”

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