Moving to 25-man

My guild’s 3 10-man teams are working through Naxx and the other 10-man content (only my group has cleared Naxx, and another group has cleared Sapphiron).  The leadership has decided that it’s time to put that content aside for our primary raid nights and move to 25-man Naxx.  For me, this is great, since there are only a couple of pieces left in Naxxramas that would be considered upgrades.

I’m looking forward to getting back to the 25-man game.  I miss Hyjal and BT, SSC and The Eye.  The fun of banging away on a 25-man boss was a great thrill.  Being a part of a 25-man crew is a lot more fun than the 10-man stuff.  My goal is to defeat all of the 25-man content before 3.1 comes out.  Not sure if that’s in the cards, but we will certainly give it a try :)


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