Ohhhhhh so close

This weekend was a relaxing affair, but kinda frustrating as well. I got very close to two titles, but fell just short. One is still close, the other reset. Here’s the skinny.

Sunday, I came within about 15 seconds of winning the STV Fishing Extravaganza. I had a Death Knight and his party grief me by running through my lure for a while with his water walking on and that cost me the few seconds that would have won me the tourney. Bastard.  And I lost to a poorly geared belf pally to make things worse.

And I am 5 Kalimdor quests away from the Loremaster title. I need to find 5 more quests someplace in Kalimdor! Help! Someone! Please! Where can I find 5 more quests in Kalimdor? I did all the running around associated with the racetrack, I did Ratchet, I did Dustwallow, I did Feathermoon. Winterspring is done, as are all of the other zones, to the best of my knowledge. HALP PLAEZ!


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