25-man in Earnest

Last night we started 25-man in earnest.  Typically, we were short 3 healers, so we pugged in a shaman, a priest and a pally.  The 2 priests in the raid had never done either Grand Widow Faerlina or Instructor Razuvius so the whole mind control mechanic was new to them.  We wiped once to Raz and one-shot Faerlina :)  We had cleared the spider wing before and have done Patchwerk, but this was our first kill of Raz.  Onward and upward!

We got a bonus, too.  The pally we pugged was unguilded, and I was able to recruit him!  He can only raid 2 of our 3 night schedule, but it’s a boost to the ranks, nonetheless.  Finally, there’s another holy pally in the guild at the raiding level.


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