Dual Specs – Some Thoughts

I’ve been accumulating various bits of off-spec gear lately and am trying to decide whether to go protection or retribution as my second spec. While I have more tank gear than ret geat, I have a reasonable amount of both and a goodly stack of heroic emblems with which to round out my gear.

Protection would make me almost as useful to my guild as I am as a healer. It’s a spec I’ve never played, tho, so I would have to take it slowly and learn how to play as a tank. I have no illusions of popping into Naxx with semi-OK gear and being able to hold my own. I’d likely get my head handed to me on a platter.

On the other hand, it’s been well over 2 years since I played retribution so I’ve pretty much forgotten about that spec as well. Being more fun to play, ret is aalways something I’ve missed. However, dps is not something my guild currently lacks so I’m not sure how much use I would be. I’m not doing a lot of dailies and all my pve content is finished.

Perhaps I’ll hold off making a decision until I actually, you know, have to make a decision. 3.1 isn’t here yet and there’s still lots more information to come about this whole Argent Tournament thing. Perhaps ret would be more useful for that if there’s a lot of combat involved. We’ll see.


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