Nearly there

In our first week of serious attempts, 25-man Naxx is down to 3 bosses left.  Despite a week of having to pug in healers and a tank or two, and despite losing 3 good players to a so-called “hardcore” guild (my former guild, run by a bunch of asshats), we made it as far as Thaddius!  Some folks had not seen that fight before and were not familiar with the mechanics, so we weren’t successful.  But we mowed down every other boss in a one-shot.

I got a few loots (ring and new leggings that were a side-grade), but the more important thing is that we were able to clear the content.  A bunch of us are in full on 10-man Naxx gear and many folks are Naxx/heroic geared, which I’m certain makes a big difference.


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