Lots and lots of money!

With dual specs incoming, there’s a new gold sink on the way. So I’ve been farming quite a bit lately. Firecracker Salmon goes for about 85-100 gold on my server and I’ve found my own little private lake in Grizzly Hills (no, I won’t tell you where) that supplies me with quite a lot of it. Being an herbie, I also farm a lot of Lichbloom and Icethorn (while keeping an eye out for the Time-Lost proto drake).  These are worth a lot of coin, as well.

I’m not a crazy farmer, but I do get into spurts of it from time to time.  I’ll spend a Saturday afternoon mindlessly running around Storm Peaks or Icecrown picking flowers or standing at my lake in Grizzly Hills fishing away.  Not only does it keep me supplied with raiding mats, but I can ship all this stuff off to my lvl 1 nekkid gnome bank alt in IF for fun and profit.  I also like the fact that almost all the herb nodes in Icecrown and Storm Peaks do not involve aggroing mobs, so things go that much faster ;)

I will likely never have the 20k mammoth or the Kirin Tor rings, but I will hopefully have enough to pick a second spec and gem/chant a second set of gear once dual specs drop.  I have yet to decide whether to go ret or prot, but I am assembling a respectable set of both.  The only thing really missing at this point is a weapon in each case.  Sigh.

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