One of those nights meets the Drama Bomb

So last night, Naxx just had our number.  It was one of those nights where we had random disconnects (myself included, which NEVER happens) and execution issues that brought us to the point of not downing anything.  We had priestly issues on Raz (I love our priests, don’t get me wrong) and while I was resolving my own connection issues, Patchwerk slapped the raid around.  Some nights, the raid shines and flies through the content.  On other nights, we’re fair to middling.  And then there are nights like last night.  To give us at least some semblance of respectability, we killed Sarth, at least.

In Drama Bomb news, in the last couple of weeks, we’ve lost a sizable chunk of people who disagreed with the guild leadership over one thing or another.  The latest batch seemed to have some difficulty with yours truly.  They seemed to feel I was being a little holier-than-thou, which I suppose is possible, due to having spent 15+ years in federal politics in Ottawa.  I spout off quite a bit when I see things that annoy me.  Sue me.  In any event, good riddance to them.  They were overly-sensitive, high-maintenance whiners that blamed the failures of their 10-man group on the leadership rather than where it belonged – with them.  When their raid couldn’t get it together and assemble 10 people, it was invariably the aforementioned high-maintenance people who were the ones who didn’t show up.  And they had the temerity to blame the leadership.  Screw ’em.  We’re well rid of them.


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