Dirty Little Secret: Holy Pallies are Actually OP

Want to know a secret?  Holy pallies are actually waaaaay over-powered for solo content.  I’ve known this since I started in on the Wrath of the Lich King content, but it’s become more and more evident of late.

I solo’d the Don Carlos’ hat quest the other day, which means soloing a level 70 heroic boss.  There’s no way in heck I could do that on my mage.  After having solo’d Onyxia and almost all of the group quests in Northrend (aside from the Zul’Drak arena and some stuff in Icecrown), it’s apparent that holy pallies in solo play are nigh-on unkillable. We’re not even all that slow anymore with Holy Shock being as strong as it is.

With the proper seals and judgments, mana and health are almost never an issue and if the mob is hitting you hard enough that you require a heal, well, you’re the best single target healer in the game.  And you have a wide array of oh crap abilities at your disposal should things get truly ugly.  When all else fails, you can even bubble-hearth your way to safety :)

I’m not sure what 3.1 will bring in terms of new solo content, but as long as it does not involve wierd vehicle-type combat mechanics, I can safely say that I’ll have no trouble blowing through it.


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