Malygos Phase 3

We got Malygos to Phase 3 last night and my unitframes went into epic fail mode.  I use AG_Uniframes and the drake health bars totally failed to appear.  This was a minor issue, as it turns out, since our tank and a boomkin had to leave at that point.  But I now have to switch to X-Perl or Grid and completely reset my raid setup before tonight’s 25-man Naxx.

On the Malygos fight specifically, we seem to have figured out the placement on Phase 1 and can consistently get him to Phase 2.  Phase 2 itself is quite easy, and made even easier my zooming out.  Our issue seems to be DPS – the two times we got to Phase 3, he was at or near his enrage timer so we need to pick it up a bit in terms of damage.  It’s a hard fight and we’re still learning, but we’ll get there.  Another crack at him on Thursday.


2 Responses to “Malygos Phase 3”

  1. It sounds like you may have had too many healers unless the low dps was because people were dying. Getting him to phase 3 is not really that difficult if you have a lot of good healers, but downing him before the enrage timer is where the real challenge comes in. You have to bring enough dps to do that. Bringing less healers makes the first two phases more difficult but it helps a lot and it means you don’t have to go 10 minutes before figuring out it was gonna be a wipe all along because of low dps.

    Also, people need to stand on the sparks. =-)

  2. rocklawthepally Says:

    We have 3 healers – myself, resto shaman and holy priest. We could probably 2-man it, but I would be the logical candidate to step out. Worth a shot, but more tuning on spark placement will perhaps speed things up. We’re still just learning the encounter.

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