Thaddius Deaded and a discussion of 10 vs. 25 man gear

We finally did it.  After some silliness surrounding Patchwerk and Grobbulus (ie. people not doing what they were supposed to be doing), we got to – and killed – Thaddius in one shot.  And as an added bonus, I got my leggings which brought my spellpower well over 2100 unbuffed :)  Only the gloves and headpiece left to get.

We took a couple of shots at Sapphiron for fun, but some folks were lacking frost resist gear and didn’t understand the concept of gathering behind the ice blocks :(  We’ll try again on Sunday.

On another note, WoWInsider had this post up a couple of days ago arguing that 10 man instances should drop the same gear as 25 man instances.  I appreciate the comments and the argument, but I fundamentally disagree.  Implementing this would flat out kill 25-man raiding.  No one would want to herd that many cats on a regular basis just for the sake of doing so.  The only way I could see this working is by implementing better gear for the 25-man hard modes than for the 10-man hard modes.  Or perhaps by implementing different hard modes for 25-man.  But at the base of it, there needs to be an incentive for running 25-man and the only way to achieve this under the current system is by having better gear on offer for the 25-man raids.


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