Naxx Clear! And a 3rd 80

We waltzed into a 4-wing clear Naxx last night and wiped once on Sapph and then, after a little rewiring of some folks’ perception of the fight, proceeded to kick her ass. We then one-shot Kel’Thuzad for our first-ever guild clear of Naxxramas! Woot!  The sword dropped, and some pug got it :(

To start off the evening, we did the 20-man Sartharion achievement, which went surprisingly smoothly. I wound up with my gloves finally. Profitable week. Leggings and gloves, along with a trinket.  Check me out here.

Once all that was done (which didn’t take all that long), I finished out the final half-bubble on my warlock and dinged my 3rd level 80 :) Locks are almost as OP as holy pallies in solo pve and can handle most of the group quests just as easily.  They kill a lot quicker, tho.  I have all of Storm Peaks and Icecrown left so lots of coin still to flow in :)


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