Will 3.1 Break My Raid?

3.1 has come down so I guess I know what I’ll be doing tonight, and it isn’t raiding. We had a regular Naxx 25 run scheduled, but we all know how painful patch days can be. We’ll be re-speccing (and dual-speccing, in some cases), getting our mods updated, etc. And that’s AFTER we get the patch installed.

Will this affect my raid week after today?  Maybe.  Some may be itching to get into Ulduar, whether we’re quite ready for it or not.  Last night, we wiped repeatedly on KT, due to a number of factors, primarily people not doing what they were supposed to be doing.

I suspect 3.1 will be cause for a few bumpy days.  I’d prefer to take the rest of the week off from raiding just to let the dust settle, and also to get in on the Argent Tournament action :)


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