The Holy Hell of Trash

We took a ten man group into Ulduar last night for fun and giggles. The Flame Leviathan wasn’t too bad – got him on the 2nd attempt. I was worried the vehicle combat would suck like it does in Heroic Occulus and Malygos. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that being a gunner on one of the siege engines was actually quite a bit of fun. And having the trash not respawn was also a great relief.

However, what followed on the way to Ignis was not nearly as fun. The trash is most definitely a step up from what we’ve seen. The two big Molten Core firelord looking dudes on the way to Ignis’ room wiped us a bunch of times until we figured out that we could line-of-sight them to avoid the stuns. Then the flame remnant guys who spit out the tornadoes had their way with us, too. We never did get a crack at Ignis as our raid night came to a close.

Ah well. We’re gonna take it on in 25-man starting in a couple of weeks, but until then, we’re going to push on with our little 10-man group to learn the instance as best we can.


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