More Ulduar Goodness and Fishing Ahoy

Went back into Ulduar last night and were able to clear to Ignis and get in a few attempts on him.  Also gave Razorscale a few tries.  What was clear to me was that while most of our raid was Ulduar-ready, our tanks were not.  We did not have our 25-man Naxx-geared tanks with us and as a result, we lacked in gear.  It is quite evident that in order to do well in Ulduar, even the 10-man version, you pretty much need to be done with Naxxramas in terms of gear.

On my quest for the turtle mount, I’ve caught over 1500 glacial salmon with no luck thus far.  El’s Anglin’ don’t have drop rate numbers yet, but it seems like this could take a while.


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