Progression is good.  Kologarn and Auriaya deaded.  These are first kills for me, although others in the raid had done them before.  I got a nice new chest piece from Razorscale this week, too.  Sunday, we work on Ignis and the Iron Council.  It’s sooooo good to be back into progression content.

The sad part is that we are down to a single 10-man Ulduar group.  So much for our hopes of getting a solid 25-man crew going.  The guild is being held together on the strength of our core members and leadership.  We are nowhere near the numbers of reliable, regular players to run 25-man content.  We’ve had too much bleeding of folks leaving for other guilds for that to be a possibility.

The Death Knight is at 76 now and I should be able to ding 77 tonight and get back to flying.  I’ll hold off getting epic flight since 3.2 will give me 150% speed.  I think this toon will be a farmer.  Selling ore/bars will turn a nice profit, I suspect.  The thought had occured to me to possibly make her a tank, but that would require some serious gearing and a steep learning curve.  Something to ponder.

All in all, been having a good time in-game lately.  Getting close to exalted with Silver Covenant by doing 2 dailies at the Argent Tournament.  I HATE jousting so I skip those.  I just do the one where you take out 15 scourge and the group daily as well.  That’s 2 Champions’ Seals a day and 500 rep.  Another week or so and I’ll have it.


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