Guild Disintegration

So my guild is falling apart.  There are a few core members that are gonna stick it out no matter what, but most folks that want to raid have either left or are planning to leave.  I fall into the latter category.

I’ve been asked to audition via a 5-healer 25 man Naxx run tomorrow, which for me will pose no problems as long as the other healers do not suck.  Once that’s done and if I am accepted, I’ll be in a 25-man Ulduar guild that is working on the General.  I look forward to progression again, although I will miss my mates in In Exile.  My alts will stay for the time being, I think.

Drama Llama ftl.  I’m not happy about this change, but it needs to be done.  We simply do not have the numbers to put together even a 10-man Ulduar at this point.  It’s so bad that I’m using my mage to get the Dungeon .5 set – how lame is that?  Fun, yes, but totally pointless.  Doing it only to soak up time.

For my peeps in In Exile, I love you all and will miss you, but sturdy Rocklaw will still be around on Malfurion and is just a /w away.


2 Responses to “Guild Disintegration”

  1. Shamalynne Says:

    We will miss you too Rock. Good luck on whatever you become my friend.

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