Onyxia redux

So the last time I solo’d Onyxia, it took an hour. That was shortly after hitting 80 in blues and greens. I did it the other day in full 7.5 (with a smattering of Ulduar 10 gear) and knocked a full 30 minutes off my time. Looking to take the death knight into the instance to see if I can do better.  But more than that, I’m REALLY looking forward to having my ass handed to me again by her in 3.2.2.  FR gear, anyone?  Gonna have to go farm FR pots again, perhaps.

As for healing in 3.2 as a holy pally, well, I haven’t done any yet. I expect the nerf bat to mana regen/mana pool will be offset by the OP buff to bacon. Something else to try.  My guild has been making little progress of late.  I was using the mage in Naxx 10 but I’ll be taking the pally back in there as DPS for badges, if they’ll have me.  They skipped over me this week.  Probably because I’m overgeared.  But it’s badges I’m after so I can get T8 level stuff so we can progress, dammit!

The mage has a nice new Kaluak fishing pole, and the DK is working towards one as well.  And the pally is working on Oracle rep – first egg was a dud.  Grrrr.

Loving the new Tournament dailies, except for that idiot Kul.  Why do I have to save his ass every frickin’ day?  Note to the curious: create targetting macros for the Get Kracken bombing run.  Makes your life a lot simpler.


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