Cataclysm – Holy Crap!

Spellpower?  Gone!  MP5?  Gone!  Holy Crap, what a major overhaul.  Granted, this is likely more than a year away, but the announced changes from Blizzcon yesterday are staggering.

The trailer is stunning.  Rather than bring us unknown places to play, they have decided to re-do the old world in such a way as to make it all seem new.  With Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms all torn asunder, we’ll be greeted with new vistas over every horizon.  Flying mounts in the Old World FTW!

And getting to go head to head with Ony’s daddy is uber cool :)

Oh, and we finally downed Ignis in 10-man and are working on Freya!  Back to progression raiding again.  Holy pallies rock again (although mana is a bit of an issue) – I can keep 2 tanks plus a bunch of the raid alive all at once!


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