Ulduar 10 and the new Holy Paladin

We’re back to progression in a pretty serious manner.  Yay for me!  We got Ignis last week and Iron Council last night.  Yes, I know.  Yawn for many of you.  But my guild went through a pretty severe contraction with the departure of many for 25-man horizons in bigger guilds.  I was on the cusp of that myself before being treated disrespectfully by the guild by whom I was finally accepted.  So my return to progression and not just badge farming in Naxx is pretty exciting.  By the way, if I never see the inside of Naxx again on my main, it will be too soon.  I could probably solo heal it in 10-man by this point.

Holy Paladins have changed quite a bit, some good and some bad.  I see Ulduar 25-geared pallies with 28-29k mana pools and now I know why.  Crit ain’t what she used to be.  While I still have to use the occasional Holy Light, it’s now all about Sacred Shield and spammage of Flash of Light.  Keeping those HoTs up, combined with Beacon of Light and the occasional Holy Shock seems to work well.  The only trouble is on really long fights like Iron Council.

Timing is everything.  I have a local recast macro for Beacon of Light and am going to set one up for Sacred Shield as well.  The extra crit from that, combined with the HoTs work really well.  Beacon is still an expensive spell to cast, but I find that for most fights thus far, I can keep two tanks alive with the help of the occasional tick from a shammy’s chain heal hitting the second tank.

Running Divine Plea is something I also need to macro, if I can.  I already have Divine Illumination macro’d to go off every time it’s up.  I’ll have to add Avenging Wrath to that to complete the triumvirate, I guess.

As for gear, I’m eyeballing the deadly MP5 again, as well as epic intellect gems.  With about 2215 spell power unbuffed and with that climbing to around 2600-2800 with full raid buffs and trinkets (Eye of the Broodmother and Forethought Talisman are a rocking combo, btw), totems and whatnot, I feel that I have enough spellpower.  I need a deeper mana pool and better mana regen.

So, am I happy?  With the general healing mechanics, yes.  I’m not happy with what 3.2 did to both my mana pool and the regen I have.  Gonna go tonight and look at replacing crit gems with int or MP5.  Sigh.  Man up, Rocklaw (or should that be Dwarf up?)!  Do it for progression or gtfo :)


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