Back from the dead

Well, on the 14th of September, I started a new gig in Ottawa, Ontario and was on a netbook until just a few days ago. I was unable to play but now I’m back, baby!

And what do I find now that I am back? My guild has cleared 10-man Ony, and to my extreme delight, 10-man Trial of the Crusader! Tier 9 is on my horizon. Woot!

I’ll post more here in the coming days. This is just to say that the Rock is back.


2 Responses to “Back from the dead”

  1. Hey buddy. Good to see you back. :D

  2. Shamalynne Says:

    Im very happy to have our veteran holy pally back in action. I have now moved away from my conncection woes, and should see a side to my healing you havent seen since SSC days. I cant wait. It is looking up for heroic ToGC. Thats right, 5 bosses from the end.

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