And now we’re back to ten

Without going into much detail, we had ALMOST achieved 25-man-ness.  We had to pug in a few.  Sadly, we sucked and it was clear that there were f-tards in the raid that had no business being in a 25-man.

The drama llamas promptly gquit.  Yay!  See ya!

We ran a fresh 10 tonight and smacked all the T9 content available to us (no, we’re not running Grand Crusader – yet).  It feels good to be killing stuff again, rather than scraping my face across the floor as a result of too much stupid in the raid.

Got a fresh new healing mace (sorry – Wowhead does not list the 232 version – no gem slot and slightly reduced stats) last week once it was clear 25-man was not on – always a good day when a new weapon drops.  Still waiting on my old girlfriend to drop my spec-specific hat.

Oh, and I got the Draconic for Dummies off Raggy tonight.  Missed out on Nef the other night due to the fact that my cable modem (brand new) decided that it would suck.  So just a Nef kill and then 10 Elementium Ore (which you see on the AH all the time – not) and the Sceptre….  well.  More work to do there.

Anyway, good to be back to smacking stuff with gusto.  We’re gonna head into Uld 10 tomorrow and see if we can deal with Hodir and Thorim.  The earlier stuff should be regarded as farm, esp with all the new trick gear from ToC 10.


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