Sceptre of the Shifting Sands? Check.

So besides being broke from buying elementium ore, I’m finally done with the Sceptre of the Shifting Sands quest. Very anticlimactic ending compared to its original incarnation, which caused the AQ gates to open. You can’t even bang the gong in Silithus with the thing. But at least it’s done. Very long and satisfying. Most of it soloable (although not Dr. Weavil). The satisfaction of being able to enable pretty much the only server-wide emote in the game (Eranikus’ event in Moonglade). Just good fun, especially having to go back and smash the crap out of BWL and MC, etc. Oh, and the only epic cooking recipe in the game :)

Highly recommended that you grab the Broodlord’s head when next you’re in BWL. Good fun.  Happy bug whacking – you’ll be at it for a while, unless you have multiple AQ40 runs under your belt already.


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