Confusion reigns

So my guild can’t figure out if it wants to do 25s (for which we still need to still pug in a couple) or 10s.  When we do 25s, we’re at the Ulduar level.  This past week, we actually got some guild firsts, which was cool.

On raid night 2, we went to Ony/Voa (10 man) and got them both down, but had we taken our best, we’d have done ToC 10 as well.  We took some new folk and did well in gearing them up.

My take on all of this is quite selfish:  if it is not gonna benefit me (or the raid in some major way), find someone else.  The problem is that we have so few healers and I do not want to be the asshole., so I show up.

Figgy or Shama, if you’re reading this, we should not be leaving ToC 10 on the table.  We should be running that every week.  If we have to bring in new folks, limit it to one or two.  Let’s just say screw you and get it done.  It’s that important that our best keep getting gear, IMO.  We should just suck it up and take our best for that, every week without fail.  I get very angry when we leave it by the wayside in favor of lesser instances.

219/232 gear will be avail from the 5-mans in Icecrown.  Ulduar is only cool from a progression perspective.  I like that we worked on Hodir tonight and would like to do more progression, but please do not ask me to run the early bosses on either 10 or 25 unless we are doing progression.  I’m getting tired of it.  I may change my mind come 3.3, but I may also reconsider Naxx for the same reason.


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