Lord Marrowgar down

Lord Marrowgar is dead as of last week.  Sadly, it was after his nerfs.  I’m firmly of the belief we would have had him on his original mode, but what the hey.  We’ll take it.  Subsequently, we got Lady Deathwhisper to 25% of her mana last week in phase 1, as well.

Seems the powers that be decided we’ve suspended raiding for the next two weeks due to the holidays.  Thankfully, one of our tanks stepped up and posted an impromptu run for ICC 10 tomorrow night.  It’s listed as a rep farming run, which I hate.  Kill the boss or get the fuck out of the instance.  For me, rep is ancillary in an instance that represents progression.  True, it’s been a long while since we’ve seen a new rep associated with a new raid, but for chrissakes, that new ring ain’t gonna make or break the raid.

So.  Tomorrow, if we have the right peeps, we kill Marrowgar and Deathwhisper and then go strap on our rocket packs!  If not, then I go farm herbs.  Here’s hoping we have 10 of our best :)

Merry Christmas to all.


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