Deathbringer Saurfang Deaded

After a long night of attempts, tweaks and alterations, we finally took down Deathbringer Saurfang. We were too mesmerized by loot and the ensuing cinematic to take a frakking screenshot, of course.

It is nice to be moving into what is still the most current phase of endgame (ie. the new plague wing). Yes, we’re at it at regular 10-man and yes, I’d love to be at a higher level, but more importantly, my guildies are getting it done. I love these guys and gals. It’s awesome to be into endgame and not trailing along a few months behind.

Next week, I hope we can clear the first wing in night one and then get into Festergut and Rotface in night two. We shall see. R1 may have to go back to 3 nights to progress, I suspect.  Or start extending raids.  Who knows.

In any event, well done all. My little buddy (FigurePrint) says woot!


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