We fell apart. We went to two 10-man teams and folks that should have been in the main progression raid were being stuck in the gear-up 10-man ToC. Folks got annoyed. Folks left.

I left. There are only so many times I will do one step forward, two steps back before I call BS.

I went with the team that was the heart of the progression group. I did this because I want to see Arthas die sometime before Cataclysm comes out. Dammit.

I will post something more coherent in the next day or so. Somthing that might actually be helpful for paladins.


One Response to “Implosion”

  1. toychristopher Says:

    I feel for you! Something similar happened to me recently. I found taking some time away from guilds and just pugging raids to be kind of freeing in a way.

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