Looking to Rock ICC 10

No pun intended.

All drama aside, I’m hoping to crack the plague wing tomorrow night on night one of our raid week, as long as we can solve the Saurfang dilemma.

Tips for holy pallies on the lower wing:

3 healers on Marrowgar is helpful.  Perhaps I suck, but when your AoE/raid healer gets spiked and a bunch of your DPS are not on the boss’ ass where they should be, it gets tough.  Also, Marrowgar is a BIG HEAL fight, where it is preferable to have a deep mana pool and use Holy Light over Flash or Shock.

Deathwhisper, the Boat and Saurfang are all easily 2-healable.  Indeed, last week, I was tasked to go ret on Deathwhisper since most of my damage is yellow.  Big swinging <insert your term of choice here>.  One shot, btw.

So holy pallies, bring yer pots and bring yer mana pool.  On Marrowgar, be ready to move.  Beacon your tanks for the whole wing, as per usual, and keep that Sacred Shield HoT up.



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