WTB DPS – Really, really WTB DPS

Saurfang is the bane of our existence at the moment.  We just do not have the horsepower to kill him.  The best we got to was around 50% before folks started dropping dead or we hit the hard enrage wall.

We even dropped back to 2 heals (me being one of them).  With 5 range, 1 melee, 2 tanks and 2 heals you’d think it would be doable.  But no.  I do not want to cast aspersions on my DPS brethren (especially since I do DPS on a  couple fights now), but man, they gotta step up their game.  We need 4k minimum from each of them, I’d say, and no one is getting there.  Yes, they are having to switch from add to boss to add, etc., but at the end of the day, that does not matter.  Hard DPS needs to be the word of the day.  There’s no one to pull aggro from, really, so balls to the wall.  Blow cooldowns, use the appropriate flasks/pots/food – just hit it as hard as possible.

Bottom line – shit’s gotta die a LOT faster on Saurfang and until it does, we’re spinning our wheels.


2 Responses to “WTB DPS – Really, really WTB DPS”

  1. Try having your tanks stun the adds while the ranged burn them down. We currently have only 2 ranged assigned to kiting/killing, the rest stay on Saurfang the entire fight. If a tank could use a stun, it makes it infinitely easier to get one down before killing another.

  2. Yeah, I was looking into this exact thing last night. We have pallies in the group. We can easily use their stun for the adds. Heck, I can even bash it from time to time. Also, we have two hunters, concussion shot can also work if he gets moving again. We have tons of ways to slow em. We are just going to have to use em.

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